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On the rear of the forklift is a counterbalance, that enables the forklift to raise extremely heavy things. The counterbalance gives balance so that the machine would not tip over while carrying and transporting heavy loads. Forklifts are rated based on their load capacity. A small forklift which can carry 1800 kilograms weighs around 4000 kilograms, which is equivalent to two full-size pickup trucks. The largest forklifts can have up to 36,000 kilograms of lifting capacity.

There are a lot of safety issues involved in operating a lift truck. While driving down a ramp, travel in reverse. If the load is bulky and interferes with vision, haul it in reverse. Operators must know how to mount the lift safely using the "three-point stance." This includes placing the right hand on the back of the seat, while gripping the upright of the safety cage utilizing the left hand and placing the left foot on the step. Never jump out of a lift truck even in a tip over. It is a lot safer to stay inside the confines of the lift. Any fall or slip on a lift truck could lead to serious injuries.

In a lot of businesses, the lift truck is considered an indispensable since they are required to quickly lift and transport things, unload and load products safely and with little to no physical exertion. Pedestrian safety is a main consideration when working in public spaces. Operators must always give pedestrians the right-of-way. A forklift should never be driven on a highway or on uneven grounds. The driver must have a seat belt tightly fastened all the time when driving.

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Forklifts will always be necessary pieces of machine for companies because forklifts are an important tool in any culture that makes and consumes mass-produced products. OSHA oversees compliance standards for companies which use forklifts and provides certification and licensing protocols. The lift truck Rodeo is an entertainment event meant for operators and other workers that includes an obstacle course and other entertaining spectacles.

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