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Newark Forklift Parts - Newark (population 277,140) is a city in the state of New Jersey. It serves as the county seat of Essex County. The city of Newark is the state's biggest urban center. Its geographic proximity to the transportation networks and the Atlantic Ocean make it a major hub for rail, air and shipping. Manhattan lies 13 km to the east of Newark.

Newark has been dubbed the state's Gateway Region. On Newark Bay is Port Newark, a huge seaport facility. It serves as the New York metropolitan areas key container shipping location. The city of Newark is served by the busy Newark Liberty International Airport, the first municipal commercial airport within the US. A number of major companies are headquartered within Newark. There are numerous universities, including UMDNJ, New Jersey Institute of Technology and Rutgers University. Newark is rich in cultural and sports facilities.

The city of Newark is extremely culturally diverse, with distinct neighborhoods each with their individual personalities. From lively urban districts to sedate suburban enclaves, Newark has a variety of lifestyles.

The Newark region was first settled during 1666. It was an essential location throughout the Revolutionary War, after which it rapidly developed into a center of manufacturing and transportation. Railroads and canals were built, supporting the growth of businesses like beer, jewelry and leather goods. Shipbuilding businesses prospered throughout WWI. Newark had become an industrial colossus. A lively jazz music scene developed here during the 1950s.

Today, the city of Newark is a center of insurance and finance. The city is home to the headquarters of eight major banks, and 12 savings and loan associations. Deposits in Newark-based banks are more than $20 billion. Prudential Financial started in Newark and grew to be amongst the world's biggest insurance companies. It is still headquartered within Newark. Mutual Benefit Life likewise originated within the city of Newark. Other companies which have head offices in the city of Newark consist of International Discount Telecommunications, Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG), New Jersey Transit, and Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Shield of the state of New Jersey, Panasonic and Net2Phone.

Since World War II, many factories have been built on the southern section of the region called Industrial Meadowlands. A big Anheuser-Busch brewery is located there. At present, Newark's manufacturing sector is not what it was in the past, but the service business is quickly growing.

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