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Yale Forklift Parts

Yale Forklift Parts

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Yale Forklift Part - Yale Materials Handling Corporation is a Global organization who is of NMHG or also known as NACCO Materials Handling Group. NMHG is the biggest manufacturer of forklifts and lift trucks in the U.S. Revenues are over 1.5 billion making them the third biggest all over globe. NMHG designs, engineers, makes, and sells a comprehensive series of lift trucks under the trade name Yale. The lift trucks are manufactured in USA, the Netherlands, the UK, Mexico, Ireland, Scotland, Brazil, Italy and Japan. The retail sales of lift trucks and replacement parts are sold, serviced and supported by Yale licensed sellers.

Yale stands behind their dedication in being a world leader in the material handling industry. They are extremely proud to supply a whole collection of forklifts and much more. Each and every one of their forklifts include the support of the entire firm. Their experienced service specialists have each and every choice available to handle and finance your lift truck fleet. The strategically situated dealer network offers clients excellent flexibility and customer service.

Yale gives an entire line of top quality objects, assistance and equipment. Several their own merchandise include electric, LP-gas, diesel and gas driven lift trucks, really narrow aisle and power-driven hand trucks. Yale is a number one supplier of training, components financing and complete Fleet Management assistance as well. With over 80 years in the material handling trade, Yale is devoted to providing all their customer's with a custom answer for their requirements.

Also, Yale trucks are made in an ISO9001:2000 certified facility and range in capacity from two thousand lbs to thirty six thousand lbs. Their skilled employees along with the assistance of their dealer community ensures delivery of an excellent product every time.

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Forklift Parts
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