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Paterson Forklift Parts - Paterson (population 146,199) is a city within the state of New Jersey. It is situated between the Appalachian foothills and the Coastal Plain within the Piedmont area. The city serves as the county seat of Passaic County. It is the third biggest city in the state of New jersey and part of the New York City Metropolitan Area. New York City is 48 km towards the east. The population of the city has decreased by 2.0% ever since the year 2000. Paterson was a planned community, called "Silk City" due to the significance of the production of silk there in the late 19th century.

The city of Paterson started sometime in the year 1792, through the work of a group of investors called the Society of Useful Manufactures (or SUM). This group was focused on raising enough money to develop a planned industrial city which will be able to help the nation make American goods and reduce the country's dependence on foreign goods. Paterson was to be planned around a waterfall, known as the Great Falls of the Passaic, which would provide power to new businesses to be built around it. The city of Paterson was soon a reality, with many textile mills and other buildings being constructed. It wasn't long before other businesses, like firearms, railroad locomotive manufacturing and silk production, followed suit. Paterson became incorporated as a city during 1851, and silk production eventually became the primary business. The city of Paterson truly enjoyed a thriving industrial period, earning its nickname of "Silk City". After a devastating fire in the year 1902, the city's downtown needed to be rebuilt.

The city of Paterson has a unique attraction, an 1893 historic building referred to as Lambert Castle. The Medieval Revival-style castle was the home of well-known silk mill owner Catholina Lambert. The Castle was turned into a Museum following a multi-million dollar restoration during the late 1990s.

The city of Paterson hosts numerous yearly events and festivals. The whole summer, parades happen on the streets of the city, among them, an African-American Day Parade, a Dominican Day Parade, A Turkish-American Day Parade and a Puerto Rican Day Parade. Paterson's Peruvian community has a 10-day festival and a Peruvian Parade in October known as "El Señor de los Milagros" ("Our Lord of Miracles").

Downtown Paterson has several Beaux-Arts-style buildings and other architectural landmarks. These huge buildings are usually no more than seven stories in height. The commercial district of Paterson was once frequented by shoppers from all around northern New Jersey. Two of Paterson's architectural landmarks are the Passaic County Courthouse Annex and the Paterson City Hall.

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