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Hydraulic Pump, Valves and Cylinders

Hydraulic Pump, Valves and Cylinders - Many forklifts are powered by liquid propane. Even if several facilities will have refuelling capabilities on site, many would have cylinders delivered to their workplace instead. When a forklift runs out of fuel, the cylinders are changed. Some cautions and training is considered necessary if dealing with propane because it is a highly combustible matter.

Personal Protective Equipment, likewise known as PPE, must be worn prior to filling or changing a lift truck cylinder. For the reason that liquid propane is very cold, it could lead to burns if it comes into skin contact. At all times having on thick leather gloves would help protect hands. Goggles or various standard eyewear together with a face shield is likewise extremely recommended. Having a fire extinguished nearby is also recommended before the refuelling process begins.

Be sure that the surroundings are safe from whatever open fires or lit cigarettes. Locate the fill valve on the cylinder and take out the cover. Then you could attach the fill line to the fill valve. After the fill line is in place, carefully open the bleed valve. This would be a small circular knob on the cylinder that is often brass coloured. A hissing sound may escape whenever the valve is open and this is normal as long as it is only air being vented and not actual propane.

Open the fill valve on the fill line extremely gradually, listening for any leaks around the connection point. When sure there are no leaks, the valve could then be opened further. The sound of propane entering the tank should be easy to hear. Never leave the tank unattended when refuelling and watch the bleeder valve through the process. A spray of white propane gas would emit from the bleeder valve when the tank is full. Turn the fill valve off totally and then close the bleeder valve. Extremely gradually and carefully remove the fill line from the tank. Watch for whichever excess gas caught in the coupling that would be expelled when the seal is broken. It must only be a small amount of gas and is normal. Put back the protective cap on the fill valve. Double check all valves are completely closed. The tank is now set and full to use.

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Forklift Parts

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